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Offered in Westfield, IN and the Surrounding Areas

Many people believe they do not need home inspections when they are building a new home as they have been assured that everything will or has been built to code. However, many do not understand that building code does not address the quality of the workmanship performed when constructing your new home. Therefore, it is essential to conduct periodic inspections during and after the home construction process to ensure that the home that has been built for you and your family is safe and has been constructed correctly. Contact us for further information about the inspection that we offer for each phase during and after the build process. Let's work together to ensure your dream home does not become your worst nightmare! 

More about our phase inspections:

Phase One Inspection: Foundation

Once the concrete for the foundational wall/ footer is poured and underslab plumbing is installed. 


Phase Two: Pre-Drywall Inspection 

Completed prior to the insulation installation, but after the “ROUGH-IN” portion of the project is completed. Once all trades are signed off & approved, the code-compliance building inspector will be called out for a framing inspection. This inspector is checking for code compliance, not quality of work. This is when it is recommended to get your inspector in. After the building inspector signs-off, but BEFORE insulation is installed.


Phase Three: Final Home Inspection 

A final inspection conducted when all construction is complete. This is essentially the same inspection we do on all houses new or used. On new houses, it must be coordinated with the builder's schedule to be sure all systems are complete and ready for occupation. It should be completed before closing with enough time remaining to accomplish any necessary repairs. It is the final inspection to ensure that all systems are installed and operating properly. 

Some items included in this full home inspection are:
• Inspect the structure including: foundation, grading and drainage, roof covering, roof structure and attic, walls (interior and exterior), ceilings and floors, doors, windows, fireplace/chimney, porches, decks, driveways
• Inspect electrical systems including: service entrance & panels,  branch circuits, outlets, switches, fixtures, disconnects, GFCI's 
• Inspect heating, venting and air conditioning systems, ducts 
• Inspect water supply system, fixtures, drains, wastes vents and water heating equipment. 
• Inspect built in appliances, and other optional systems

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